iReceptor v3.0

As of June 4, 2020 the iReceptor Platform has been upgraded to v3.0. The iReceptor v3.0 release impacts all components of the platform, including the iReceptor Gateway, the iReceptor Public Archive (IPA), and the iReceptor Turnkey repository software stack. This upgrade is linked closely with the recent release of the AIRR Specification v1.3 and the release of the new v1.0 AIRR Data Commons repository query API.

Another driving factor for this release is the addition of new COVID-19 data to the AIRR Data Commons through the addition of a cluster of COVID-19 repositories using the iReceptor Turnkey repository, which is based on the v1.3 AIRR specification.

For more information on the impacts of the upgrade on the data stored in the iReceptore Public Archive, please refer to the iReceptor v3.0 Data Provenance page.