4th COVID-19 vaccine AIRR-seq data set available!!!

We are pleased to announce the fourth COVID-19 AIRR-seq vaccine study (and eighteenth COVID-19 AIRR-seq study) available for searching and download in the AIRR Data Commons and through the iReceptor Gateway. 406K annotated sequences from Schmitz et al. A vaccine-induced public antibody protects against SARS-CoV-2 and emerging variants are now available through the iReceptor Gateway.

iReceptor seminar at Chico State University

On October 8th, Felix Breden, iReceptor Scientific Director spoke at Chico State University Department of Biological Sciences about FAIR Data Curation of Antibody/B-cell and T-cell Receptor Sequences in the AIRR Data Commons promoting rapid response to COVID-19. The seminar introduced the faculty and students to the iReceptor Platform, the AIRR Data Commons, and how the culture of sharing these data for COVID-19 research has led to curation of over 1 Bn sequences from ~20 studies, including recent vaccine trials.


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