AIRR Community calls for the public sharing of COVID-19 AIRR-seq data

The AIRR Community recently made a public call for the sharing of AIRR-seq data. In their call they state "... the AIRR-C hereby calls upon its members, and the wider research community, to share experiences, resources, samples, and data as openly and freely as possible, and to work within their respective systems to break down barriers to achieve this goal, subject to the overarching directives of respect, privacy, and protection for patients and all people.

iReceptor User Stats, 2019

Below you will find up to date user statistics from 2019, including a graph that shows the distribution of users (by EMail domain) as well as the steady growth of new users on the iReceptor Platform since it first came into operation in 2014. Note the users added in 2020 represent users in January only.


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