Eleventh COVID-19 AIRR-seq study available on iReceptor Gateway

In collaboration with the AIRR Community, we are pleased to announce the eleventh COVID-19 AIRR-seq study available for searching and download in the AIRR Data Commons and through the iReceptor Gateway. 18.9M annotated sequences from Montague et. al. Dynamics of B-cell repertoires and emergence of cross-reactive responses in COVID-19 patients with different disease severity have been loaded into the VDJServer repository and are now available through the iReceptor Gateway.

In order to access this and other COVID-19 data in the AIRR Data Commons, simply go to the iReceptor Gateway Repertoire Metadata page (sorry, an account is required) and type "COVID" in the full text search box! If you would like an account on the iReceptor Scientific Gateway please contact us at support@ireceptor.org.