iReceptor Gateway adds Repertoire Statistics

The iReceptor team is happy to announce a powerful new Repertoire Statistics capability on the iReceptor Gateway, enabling users to interactively explore VDJ gene usage statistics as well Junction/CDR3 length frequencies.

Working with our collaborators in the iReceptor Plus project we have developed the iReceptor Plus (iR+) Stats API, an extension to the AIRR Data Commons API. The iR+ Stats API enables repositories to be queried for statistics at the Repertoire level, providing a range of statistics include V-gene, D-gene, and J-gene usage at the family/subgroup, gene, and allele level as well as Junction/CDR3 length frequencies. The iReceptor Gateway uses the Statistics API to make it easy for users to browse Repertoires and view these statistics interactively (see screenshot below).

To see the iR+ Stats API in action, please visit the iReceptor Gateway. For more information on how to use this capability, please visit the iReceptor Gateway Statistics FAQ.  We invite you to examine this new feature, and it would be great to get feedback on what you like or don't like, and what further parameters you would like to have included in the STATS function.