iReceptor and FAIR COVID-19 AIRR-seq data

Interested in a list of relevant publications that have cited iReceptor and the AIRR Data Commons as a platform for sharing COVID-19 AIRR-seq data, check out this twitter thread by iReceptor Technical Director Brian Corrie describing the history of COVID-19 data sharing through third party publications and citations!

The list of papers citing iReceptor for COVID-19 data storage or data reuse (as of 2021-11-26) is below:

  1. C. Schultheiß et al., “Next-Generation Sequencing of T and B Cell Receptor Repertoires from COVID-19 Patients Showed Signatures Associated with Severity of Disease,” Immunity, vol. 53, no. 2, pp. 442-455.e4, Aug. 2020.
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