AIRR Standard v1.4 released!

We are happy to announce the results of several years worth of standards setting work with our colleagues in the AIRR Community, resulting in the release of the AIRR Community Standard v1.4, including v1.2 of the AIRR Data Commons API (ADC API) to query AIRR compliant data repositories (see the AIRR Community v1.4 new release). The release contains new and exciting capabilities including the ability to store and search clonotype and single-cell/gene expression data as well as VDJ and MHC genotypes.

The ADC API specification included in this release contains new capabilities for querying AIRR v1.4 Schema objects including Clone, Cell, CellExpression, and Receptor objects.

Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement from the iReceptor team around support for finding, accessing, and interoperably reusing (FAIR) these data using the iReceptor Gateway.