AIRR Community and iReceptor Team Starts Major Collaboration with Type-1 Diabetes Researchers

The iReceptor team is pleased to announce the addition of a new Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) focused repository in the AIRR Data Commons. This is a collaboration between the iReceptor team (Simon Fraser University), The Sugar Science group, the Aaron Michels Lab (University of Colorado), and the Todd Brusko Lab (University of Florida) among others. This repository contains the first fully HLA/MHC genotyped study that adheres to the the AIRR v1.4 MHC genotype standard, with over 62 million annotated sequences from 359 repertoires from the Mitchell et al. ( longitudinal study of TCR repertoires (TRB locus) in children who progressed to T1D. This new T1D AIRR-seq data is searchable through the iReceptor Gateway and there is of course more T1D data to come from this collaboration. We encourage the community to share this valuable type of data!