Access the paper

Gain access to the paper (and data):

  • Ensure that your paper of interest is public - For iReceptor, we only consider public data in the iReceptor Public Archive. To this end, for us to consider a paper it must be available through standard channels that are accessible through institutional credentials or subscription to journals.
  • Determine if the data is available in a public archive: The Sequence Read Archive (SRA), The Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO), Adaptive Biotechnologies, etc.
    • From an Open Data/Open Science perspective, it is preferred if the data is accessible to anyone and in a well known public repository.
    • Data availability is often listed directly in the paper, either in the Methods section (often directly proceeding the sequencing protocol itself, or at the end of the section), or at the end of the paper in a Data Availability section. Authors will sometimes make data available upon reasonable request, and such situations must be handled on a case by case basis.
    • It can be beneficial to reach out to the author before you begin to analyze their data, in case you have any questions about their methods or data availability.