Data fidelity validation

Once sequences are annotated and complete, the Metadata CSV file should be completed to AIRR standards. Once the Metadata CSV file is completed and the sequence data has been annotated, the data is ready to be uploaded to an AIRR compliant repository such as the iReceptor Turnkey Repository. Any data loaded must be validated before it can be made entirely public to ensure that the metadata and sequence annotation data match. The iReceptor Turnkey repository has a mechanism for confirming data provenance in the form of ensuring that the data that is loaded in the repository matches that in the raw data files.

When validation tests confirm that all data is correct, data can then be considered "published". If loaded into an AIRR compliant repository (e.g. the iReceptor Turnkey) both metadata and sequence annotations will be searchable via the iReceptor Scientific Gateway, and annotated data would be available for download - for more information, see the iReceptor Gateway Documentation page.