Policies, Licensing, and Software Provenance


The iReceptor Scientific Gateway is hosted, operated, and maintained by the IRMACS Centre at Simon Fraser University. Interested researchers can apply for iReceptor accounts by visiting the iReceptor Gateway login page. No data (except for temporary staged data) is maintained on the iReceptor Gateway machine. If researchers require access to an iReceptor Repository, they should contact the iReceptor Repository data steward for that site. If researchers want to run their own iReceptor repository as part of the iReceptor Data Commons, they should contact the iReceptor team at support@ireceptor.org.


The iReceptor Gateway platform is operated by the IRMACS Centre at Simon Fraser University. The iReceptor software is available for download at the iReceptor GitHub Repository. Research groups that would like to download the software should contact support@ireceptor.org.

iReceptor makes extensive use of the AGAVE APIs. In particular the Authentication and Computation services utilize AGAVE services. AGAVE's licensing and terms of service are described on the AGAVE Licensing and AGAVE terms of service page.

iReceptor makes use of Compute Canada resources. Any use of Compute Canada resources are done under their Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy.


The iReceptor Gateway and its component parts were released into beta-production on June 30, 2015. The software and operations of related sites are managed by the iReceptor Team at Simon Fraser University. The software is available through the iReceptor GitHub repository. This software is available for use by researchers in the community, but it is beta software. The software is provided AS-IS, as described in the "Lesser GPL v3" license. Software release will be carried out as follows:

  • Software will be released by the iReceptor team.
  • A specific software release will ensure that the iReceptor Gateway works with the corresponding Repository Service APIs of that release. Although backwards compatibility with past Repository APIs will be a priority, this can not be guaranteed.
  • Compatibility with third party packages such as AGAVE and integration with Compute Canada will be maintained where possible, but can not be guaranteed.