Sequence Quick Search

This search allows you to find sequence data quickly by searching primarily over Junction/CDR3 AA sequence. You can begin it from the home page Sequence Quick Search button or the top navigation menu under Search.

Enter your CDR3 AA sequence into the search box. You may also restrict your search to any Organism and Cell subset available in the AIRR Data Commons.

You then come to the results page, where you can see a summary of your search results, which repositories and studies they are located in, the filters you've applied, and download the sequences as a TSV with an informational readme attached. 

Note that when you execute a Sequence Quick Search, the Gateway automatically sends a separate query to the Immune Epitope Database (IEDB) for this CDR3 via an Exact Search. If there is a successful hit - that is, if the query CDR3 sequence has known antigen specificity documented in IEDB – an informational box will appear underneath the CDR3 search box, displaying the relevant organisms. In this example, the CDR3 has known specificity to antigens from several organisms, including human and multiple types of viruses. To obtain more information on this epitope/antigen specificity, click on the IEDB link at the bottom of the box. To find out more information about how to use IEDB to find related epitope specificity to that found through iReceptor, refer to our IEDB FAQ.